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Through the lens of a solo adventurer in a storm, LOCALES is a pilgrimage through areas of concealed emotion, desire, struggle, and memory.





Collecting Moments: The Photographs of Dr. John E. Ackerman
Dr. John E. Ackerman
May 17–June 10
Black Cat Artspace
May 17, 8pm–10pm

Collecting Moments portrays stories of youth, love, and celebration through the photographs of Dr. John E. Ackerman (1921 – 2008). An accomplished amateur photographer, Ackerman’s images provide both a personal and historical account of life in Toronto in the mid-20th century. His photographs offer an intimate glimpse into the city’s first immigrant neighbourhood, St. John’s Ward, where the Ackerman family lived and owned a grocery store. Ackerman often turned his eye toward beauty found in the familiar, photographing everyday activity on the streets and joyful moments with his family, friends, and neighbours.

This exhibition is organized by the Ontario Jewish Archives, Blankenstein Family Heritage Centre (OJA), a department of UJA Federation. The exhibition images are produced from archival negatives from the Ackerman collection, which has never before been exhibited to the public. Ackerman’s collection is held at the OJA.

Curated by Charlotte Gagnier and Sarah Proulx


A Telepathic Book
Broadbent Sisters
May 5–16
Black Cat Artspace

The Broadbent Sisters’ exhibition A Telepathic Book explores the depths of intuition, nonverbal communication, and attunement while testing what might be uncovered when exploring the reaches of shared experience. For 17 days, the Broadbent Sisters used meditation and photography to telepathically send and receive images to each other across two cities. From the Greek, “tele” meaning “distant,” and “pathos” meaning “perception,” telepathy is the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. Each day the sisters (Joy Broadbent in Toronto, Canada, and Rose Broadbent in Zihuatanejo, Mexico) experimented in the vulnerable space of unknown communication. After the completion of the experiment, they revealed their images to each other, forming a book of uncanny connections. Attached by two spines reflecting the two sisters, the book itself is a sculptural artwork, opening in a meditative unfolding experience.

The exhibition—which features the first edition of their award-winning photobook, selected prints, and an interactive installation—mirrors the initial experiment and is designed to allow visitors to experience their own telepathic connections between images.

Curated by Aurora Cacioppo and Meagan Fillmore


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