Cosmo Campbell - #NocturalTourist

In our busy urban lives, we seek to find both peace and balance. Cosmo’s #nocturnaltourist series explores this tension by capturing images that stand in stark contrast to their manic daytime selves. “During the day, objects become the negative spaces to society’s actions, at night whilst devoid of humanity, they’re the heroes of the story; you see them for exactly what they are - utilitarian structures that are beautiful in their own right”.

Tapping into his 30 plus years of experience in graphic design has resulted in a collection of clean, arresting, graphic visuals that capture a calm and harmonious reflection of our societal landscape. The images he creates are both soothing and evocative, objects isolated in an inky sea of blackness, as if in a state of hibernation.

Opening Reception: October 5th - 7pm-10:30 PM

Exhibition runs from October 5th –October 19th 2017

Gallery hours: Thursday - Sunday: 2-7pm
Monday-Tuesday: Closed

Cosmo is a Toronto based photographer and Advertising Executive, who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Having traveled extensively, and lived on four continents, he has become a keen observer of humanity and the environments we create.

To view more of his work visit, www.cosmocampbellphotography.com

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