Gideon Näf: Unmoglicheskunstarbeitvorlautradierungen September 03 2014

Reveries of the Absurd by Gideon Näf

September 4-10, 2014 @1-6pm
Opening Reception, Friday, September 5, 2014 @6-10pm

Gideon Näf: An Exhibition from Incite Visuals on Vimeo.


“Want to come up and see my etchings?” A cliché pick-up line if ever there was one. But, here’s the thing. I do want you to go up and see Gideon Näf’s etchings. This exhibition, courtesy P.U.P Contemporary(TEK), and opening Sept 5 at Black Cat Gallery, is a must see. No joke. No cliché.

Born in an exacting historical technique, and painstakingly printed by hand, these etchings are exactly what good contemporary art should be: original, observant, engaging and complex. They are also disrespectful, mischievous and, dare I say it, impertinent.

Unmoglicheskunstarbeitvorlautradierungen: Reveries of the Absurd is farcical, hyberbolic, and humorous in nature. The work questions notions of "high" and "low" art, bridging cultural attitudes and influences from Rembrandt to Gary Larson. Recurring characters unify the images of this divergent body of work and imply that history is forever foiled by our own inane humanity. These etchings are lifted from daydreams, inflected by art-history and contemporary culture, and drawn from memory, to preserve their initial obscure character. No mythologies were harmed!

Listen to what Gideon Näf has to say about his own work:
"Everyday life… is hectic and in constant struggle with both nature and itself. Our priorities and daily routines are filled with absurdities and often completely lack logic.
This series is as much an escape from this modern cultural paradigm as it is a reflection of it."

If you believe me, and even if you don’t, check it out!
I mean it!