Pretty For Protocol: Between the Proxies by Alex Curci December 03 2014


Pretty For Protocol: 
Between the Proxies 
December 4th - December 10th 2014
The Black Cat Gallery
Thursday December 4th 2014 7:00-10:00pm
Exhibit Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 2pm to 7pm
Saturday - Sunday: 12-5pm
Pretty For Protocol: Between the Proxies is the first solo exhibition from artist Alex 
Curci. Here, he explores elements of ambiguity while providing partial traces of 
suggested forms. These forms speak not only to the bodily organic tone that surfaces 
through Curci's work, but are treated with a technical precision which resonates with 
broader discourse. His fascination with technology's seamless integration within our 
lives triggers a new examination into the parallel landscape that is our continuous 
growing streams of networks and digital infrastructure. Through the building of layers 
and gestural drawing, his work creates an invitation to navigate the folds between these 
mysterious and hidden spaces.
Alex Curci received his BFA from York University where he majored in Visual Arts. He 
currently lives within the GTA and continues to explore his studio practice through 
drawing, painting, and installation work. His curiosity and interest in technology has 
become an ongoing investigation into exploring the vast depths of computer systems 
and networks. His work examines the wired infrastructure needed to support our mobile 
devices and communications, bringing recognition to the enormity of its physical 
presences. He attempts to uncover these networked systems while mapping and 
unveiling their hidden layers amongst the virtual and digital realm.