Nest: A solo drawing exhibition by artist Rebecca Munce January 12 2015

Rebecca Munce: Nest
January 15 to 27th 2014
Opening January 15th 2014 7:00 pm


The Black Cat Gallery is proud to present Nest : A solo drawing exhibition by artist Rebecca Munce.

Nest investigates the notions of intimacy and personal constructs in regard to the concept of home. Munce’s intricate drawings explore individual agency within the context of personal space by crowding narratives of privacy, naivety, community and isolation. By examining intimate space and how subjects function within them in terms of their own individualized contexts, the collected works exemplify a surreal and often eccentric take on normalcy.

Nest tackles the concepts of both elation and suffering narratives by juxtaposing them within the same undefined space, and tied with Munce’s delicate approach to drawing, the work situates itself between a space of subdued aesthetic and provocative subject matter to comment on the simultaneous nature of shared human experience.

Born in 1991 and a graduate of York University of Bachelor of Fine Arts program in 2013, Rebecca Munce explores issues of suburban perception, subcultural practises, and our relationship with possessions, addressing the idea of how an individual’s identity is founded. Recent works include a series of large scale drawings that show repetition of small drawn objects. Munce is interested in how through repetition and grouping objects their assigned personal meanings can become abstracted.

Other works investigate narrative and the subjective informality of drawing as a medium, as in the recent seriesYou’re Old Enough Now which explores sexuality and substance abuse, inspired by the candour of children’s drawings.