Afterimage: An Exhibition from Korean Artist Bright Baek January 08 2015

Complete Gallery Showing from Jan 5-14, 2015

1st "Main" Showing is Jan 7, 201


Bright Baek is new to the scene, but you wouldn't know it by her volume of work and talent. Now entering her 2nd year as an artist she has sold numerous works in South Korea and hopes for continued success in Canada.

At just 25 she has come to learn a few things about being an artist, "Its tough going at times." So to make ends meet she's a freelance designer at MIXXMIX in Seoul, and is currently launching a new shopping website called "Awesomic". Bright has also appeared in "Project Runway Korea Season 4" and was recently covered in the November Edition of Groove Korea.

This is Bright Baek's 5th show and we are so excited to be hosted by The Black Cat. Canada will mark as her first international exposure, and what better city to choose than Toronto. We hope you come and see her new 20 piece collection.

Check out her website to see her previous work!!!