Monstrum: A Monster Show November 19 2014

Monstrum: A Monster Show is an exhibition of artwork by Kendra Sartorelli, Bailey Henderson and Courtney Archer.

November 20 - November 26 2014

Spanning human history, monsters have pervaded our mythic landscape. From folklore to pop culture, they are allegorical representations of our deepest fears and desires. They are metaphors for the darker aspects of human nature and serve to explain the unknown. Monsters allow us to imagine alternate realities and live vicariously through them. In Monstrum, three Toronto-based artists examine these themes.

Bailey Henderson focuses on adapting sea monsters found on Medieval and Renaissance nautical maps into sculptural cast resin forms. By utilizing elements of realistic anatomy and detail, she creates representational portraits of these creatures and brings them to life.

Kendra Sartorelli questions the boundaries of high and low art. Her colourful and humorous acrylic paintings employ ambiguous narrative to explore the monsters of contemporary culture and entertainment.

Courtney Archer uses the female body as a blueprint. Her drawings exaggerate proportion and balance animal characteristics with recognizable human features to create monsters that are unsettling, yet always familiar.