IndiPractices: Smaller Is Better October 29 2014

Opening Reception: October 30th, 7-11pm
Exhibition runs October 30th – November 5th

About the Exhibition:

"Smaller is Better" presents artwork produced by members of the IndiPractices collective. Using limitations in size as a guide, the 17 artists set out to create pieces that focus on a specific aspect of their artistic intent in their larger body of work. These smaller works function either as a partial revelation or as a distillation of a statement. IndiPractices seek to put forward these works as small individual gestures in appreciation of a larger collective story.

About IndiPractices:

Culture and communication are progressing faster than ever before, and as a result, interactions are becoming more impersonal and less real. It is often easy to get lost in such a place. We want to reclaim this loss, working together in shared space, a more personal space as an artist collective is to respond to this fast paced life style with work that speaks to us individually while also striving to bring us together. Through our work we are trying to bridge the gap between whom we are as artists and the limitations and boundaries placed upon us by society. Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of artists working in different media to form a strong and thriving community for us to thrive.

The Artists are:

Jacob Brown
Adam Boyce
Kevin Carey
Kylie Chadwick
Daniel Deus
Sean Fairservice
Ebony Jansen
Paige Connell
Elizaveta Semechko
Melina Sevilla
Kyle Weber
Laura Biggs
Andrea Zadro
Afra Shoom
Nathan Galbraith
Kelly Kornet
Zach Honey