Pinhole Dream: by photographer Jennifer Rowsom October 15 2014

Jennifer Rowsom: Pinhole Dream

Pinhole Operator (n.):
• A plastic camera manufactured by Lomography that employs three pinholes rather than a traditional lens structure, resulting in images with a surreal, psychedelic quality.
• An individual who skilfully utilizes archaic mechanical tools and processes in order to manipulate perception of the ordinary world, elevating the commonplace and illuminating its hidden beauty.

Exhibition runs from October 16th - October 21st
Opening reception: October 16th 2014: 7pm-11pm

Armed with only a Diana multi-pinhole camera and a batch of expired AGFA slide film, artist Jennifer Rowsom’s experimental explorations of colour, lightand the fantastical within the banal provide the foundation for the 14 large-format images in Pinhole Dream. Over the course of 4 years, Rowsom captured spaces both deeply personal and broadly familiar – her grandmother’s pool, an Arnprior clock tower, a store counter in Cleveland - through the decidedly lo-fi eye of the Diana. Embracing the imprecise, the one-shot-deal and happy accidents, Rowsom hearkened back to her early forays into fine art photography and the processes – sometimes controllable, sometimes less so – that give film its mystery, unpredictability and allure.

The resulting images, curated with Rowsom’s singular and vividly colourful sensibility, immerse the viewer in grainy, dreamily distorted Technicolor landscapes stripped of identifiable figures and real-life reference points, each outsized image imbued with the poetry and magic of the everyday.

Jennifer Rowsom holds a diploma in photography from the Ontario College of Art & Design and works as a photographer at the Art Gallery of Ontario.