FAT IN PUBLIC: presented by Fat Girl Food Squad January 29 2014

Presented by Fat Girl Food Squad

Fat In Public is an art show that dares to be just that. Art and it's creators that have to audacity to been seen in their ample glory. Fat In Public intends to de-stigmatize the (fat) body and give an outlet for art featuring imperfect and sybaritical characters in equal measure.


Sam Abel: http://saucy-nudles.tumblr.com/
Sookie Bardwell
Ronald Caddigan: http://cyclopsandowl.tumblr.com/
Derrick Chow: www.derrickchow.ca
Amanda Drodge
Elana Delaney: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elanadelane
Kristina Groeger: http://kristinagroeger.com/
Melody Krauze: http://www.melodykrauze.com/
Jessica Levy: https://www.facebook.com/jessicalevyphotography
Amarina Norris: http://ursamajor.ca/
Megan Stulberg: http://cargocollective.com/meganstulberg
Yuli Scheidt: http://yulischeidt.com/

Gallery Hours for FAT IN PUBLIC:

Thursday January 30th: 7-11pm

Friday January 31st - 1PM-6PM
Saturday February 1st - 1PM-6PM
Sunday February 2nd - 1PM-5PM

Monday February 3rd - CLOSED
Tuesday February 4th 1PM-6PM
Wednesday February 5th 1PM-6PM