'Unconditional': Jennifer Leigh Saunders & Jasper Savage May 03 2014

This project is revealed as an exhibition exploring depictions of family
through the works of two contemporary artists.

Jasper Savage and Jennifer Leigh Saunders have come together with the intent to challenge long-held
stereotypes and sentimental views of womanhood. Addressing subjects such as gender roles, domesticity, the body, and the identity of individuals within the family unit. Approaches to loss play a crucial role in this project and the work eloquently illustrates coping measures taken when faced with loss. Whether the loss is through death of a loved one, or loss in terms of growth, and the inevitable patterns of life.
As seen in the work of Jennifer Leigh Saunders she discovers an instinctive connection with her Grandmother under the circumstances of grief, and mourning.
Jasper Savage finds a similar love, and infatuation of her Mother in the cyclical patterns of growing and maturing into her own woman. The work of the two artists tends to be autobiographical in focus and sits within the documentary genre.

These works will be on display from May 1st, 2014 until May 15th, 2014, at 2186 Dundas.

Opening Reception:
May 3rd 6pm-11pm