Fountainhead Presents: Forging Scenes August 28 2014

Fountainhead is a new art exhibition series working to provide a platform for emerging artists in Toronto. We are happy to present our first showcase taking place at The Black Cat. Entitled 'Forging Scenes', the theme of this show is landscapes.


André Kan
"Andre is an emerging Toronto-based abstract artist. His work suggests urban and suburban, interior, and exterior spaces that question the imaginative, allowing the viewer to reevaluate their perception of space and the structural possibilities therein. These psychological landscapes present the equal possibility of utopia and dystopia, change and evolution. The spaces we inhabit play a role in building our identity through memory and experience. In the process of deconstructing and reconstructing these environments, we revisit our past and reevaluate our experience. We examine these meanings and interpretations, and question the metaphysical, in turn creating new possibilities, new interpretations, new mark making."

Becky Gan

Bethany Rose Puttkemery

Erin Greenizan

Eddy You
"I look to what I call “the everyday sublime,” the little moments that artists experience in their studio while exploring materials, gestures, and creative acts. To highlight the significance of materiality, I use frottage techniques to capture the quite moment of excitement when I felt the beauty of the wood, or what I call the everyday sublime. My charcoal rubbings demonstrate all the natural flow of lines, knots, and textures, reminding traditional oriental landscape ink paintings. Experiencing and appreciating the materiality and organicness of plywood in order to present the natural beauty is what I understand as one of the most important job of an artist."

Emily Watson

Ting-Yi (Rose) Liu

Yasmine Budirahaju